Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost: How Much In Grand Prairie

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Wisdom Tooth Cost

We’ve all been there before – for a few lucky who never had to have their wisdom teeth removed, Good for you! For those who haven’t been as lucky, we understand the pain wisdom teeth can cause once they break through inside your mouth.

Getting your wisdom tooth extracted can be a great decision for your well-being and in some cases it becomes essential to have it pulled for one’s overall health. Wisdom teeth can contribute to teeth crowding and some serious infections. Having them removed is the only way to deal with any oral health problems and prevent serious complications.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars serve an equally important position as the other teeth, but are more prone to problems once they break through the gum tissue. Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, usually between the ages of 17 and 21 and when they do, there is often little room left in your mouth. Typically, wisdom teeth can erupt sideways, partially or become trapped, causing pain, infection and facial swelling.

Why Do You Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

So, why does anyone have to go through wisdom tooth extraction procedure?

Credit: Lethow

Credit: Lethow

It is performed to correct an actual problem that may arise in the future, if wisdom teeth are left untreated. Wisdom teeth threaten to throw off the structural integrity of your mouth, which means: call for disaster.

  • Your wisdom teeth become impacted as your jaw may not be large for them.
  • They may break partway and cause a flap of gum tissue to grow over them, causing food and other germs to get trapped.
  • The impacted wisdom tooth can also lead to infection, damage to teeth and bone.
  • One or more wisdom teeth may erupt at an awkward angle, top facing forward or backward and sometimes side to side.

What to Expect from an Extraction?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Credit: Burnsdentalva

After a thorough evaluation of your wisdom tooth if your dentist decides that it needs to be extracted, you’ll be required to go through one of the two sedation methods – oral sedation or nitrous sedation. While oral sedation involves taking a pill the night before the treatment and one more pill an hour before extraction, nitrous oxide sedation involves patients inhaling the gas during the procedure. After numbing the area, the dentist opens the gum tissue above the wisdom tooth, removes any bone covering the tooth, separates the tissue that connects the tooth to the bone, and quickly and efficiently extracts the wisdom tooth.  The area is closed with stitches and the treatment is then followed by providing you with instructions on how to take care for your mouth in order to properly heal the empty socket.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost how much in Grand Prairie

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction will tend to vary according on the complexity of your surgical procedure involved. Some cases involve removal of wisdom tooth that is submerged at different level- either fully erupted, partially envelope by gum tissue or completely submerged under bone.  The position of your wisdom tooth, either impacted at a range of angles within the jawbone, or fully vertical though or fully vertical can also be an important factor on determining the cost of an extraction.

The best way to know about the cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Grand Prairie is by coming in for a Free Tooth Extraction Consultation.

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