Repair Your Chipped Tooth with Affordable Dentist in Grand Prairie

We all tend to consider our teeth ‘not-so important as other parts of our body and only think about them only when mishaps happen.

For instance: a man is eating a candy or crunching on the ice and a tooth cracks or chips off. That individual will not have any solution to the issue at that moment, but can certainly contact their dentist and set up an emergency appointment.

Teeth enamel, the most mineralized and hard tissue in the body can protect the teeth in normal situations. However, if there is decay, the condition just makes it easier for the tooth to break. When you chip or break a tooth, make sure you save it so that the dentist can have options of fixing it. However, in case if you happen to lose the broken tooth in the accident, there’s no reason to worry – any general dentists will have many ways to fix it.

Dental Treatments for Chipped, Broken or Knocked Out Tooth in Grand Prairie

At Affordable Dentist in Grand Prairie, we offer several types of treatments to repair your chipped tooth. Here are some of the most common methods.

Credit: Dentalcarematters

Credit: Dentalcarematters

Bonding or Filling – If the chip has occurred on a back tooth, a filling can be used, and if the tooth is in the front, our dentist will use bonding that is tooth-colored resin. The treatment can be performed and finished in one visit.

Cap or Crown– In case a large piece has chipped off, or if there is decay around the chip, our dentist will drill the excess out and place a temporary cap over the chipped tooth. This gives you and the dentist the liberty to decide whether final crown should be porcelain, gold or silver. Typically, the procedure can take two weeks.

Root Canal – If the break has resulted in damaged nerves and blood vessels, the tissues are removed. This is essential to avoid the risk of developing disease over time. You may be then referred to an endodontic for a root canal. A crown is finally put over the root canal.

Dental Veneers – They are thin slices of porcelain use in the front teeth. During an appointment our dentist will prepare the tooth, create an impression which is then sent to a lab to make a veneer. The veneer is then put on you by our dentist. The procedure can last about two weeks.
Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

A bright, healthy, dazzling smile is an asset. Chipped/broke tooth is usually the result of poor dental hygiene. Follow these simple steps to ensure health of your mouth and prevent breakage.

Regular brushing for oral health

Credit: Skim

• Regular brushing and flossing are the basics. However, it’s more advisable to use a high-quality electric toothbrushes as they can drive away more plaque and food from teeth than ordinary brushes.
• Use your favorite mouthwash mixed with hydrogen peroxide to rinse your mouth to kill hidden bacteria between teeth.
• Cut down on sodas, coffee, tea, red wine to avoid discoloration of teeth.
• Stop smoking as it can cause a type of gum disease that cannot be cured.
• Drink your water – more with fluoride added everyday to keep your teeth well rinsed.
• If you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth at night, make sure you discuss during the appointment so that we can fabricate a mouth-guard fort you.
• Lastly, be consistent with scheduled dental checkups and cleanings to prevent such emergencies.

You cannot fix a cracked, broken or chipped tooth yourself; it needs professional help. Call our office at 817-200-7086 for an appointment and allow our caring staff to fix that tooth in no time.

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