Questions to Ask Your Dentist before Getting a Dental Implant

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Loosing or missing one or more teeth can impact your confidence level and reduce your capacity to enjoy life that you deserve. You can never be comfortable when you are constantly conscious about your smile.

Dental Implant FAQ

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Dental Implants are an ideal tooth replacement solution for anyone who suffers from missing or decaying teeth. The treatment allows you to have the look, feel and functionality that are close to your natural teeth.

As a patient, it is important to look for an experienced dentist who has had extensive training, years of experience and a passion to helping patients get their beautiful smile back. The last thing you want is an experienced dentist who has only performed the procedure a few times before. The result: you’re on the receiving end paying the price including poor placement of the implants, mouth infection, damage to the nerves and other complications.

Allow us to help you in your preliminary research with these questions to ask your dentist before considering dental implants:

How to determine if I am a good candidate for dental implants?

  • You are a good candidate if:
  • You have one or more missing teeth
  • Have difficulty in chewing foods
  • Have loose teeth
  • Have dental bridges that get food trapped under

How may surgeries must a patient go through to have the implants plant in?

In most cases, just one appointment is sufficed to perform tooth or teeth extraction which is followed by immediate placements of the dental implants. However, there are dental practices that don’t adhere to this schedule and could take multiple appointments to have the implants placed.

Do you have any references of past patients who have undergone this procedure?

Getting recommendation from past patients and speaking to then is a huge comfort factor. Be free to enquire your dentist for a few personal references or you can search his/her name on the internet. Understand that any decent practice will have online reviews, be sure to look up on their Facebook, Google+ page, Yelp page, or other online directories.

What is the need of choosing a dentist specialized in implants?

Most general dentists of today are in the know of placing dental implants although they have not adequate training to do so. Those who have extra education must have  gone 3-4 years if training after completing 4 years of dental school, enabling them to be competent in the field and equipped in the surgical placement of implants and to prevent any complications that might come associated with them.

How long will implants last?

They should last for a lifetime if they are placed by an implant specialist. Other than this, there are many factors to be taken into consideration in the surgical placement of dental implants along with their restoration and their maintenance. According to a report, there is greater than 98% success rate for lower implants and more than 94% rate for lower implants.

Also, ensure the knowledge of your dentist by asking general questions in the form of a quick test. You can ask them:

  • How the treatment works?
  • How long the procedure takes?
  • What are the steps involved in the surgery.

They are required to answer any of these questions clearly, quickly and with detailed information. Should they hesitate or fail to respond, you can consider looking for a new specialist.

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