Dental Dentures in Grand Prairie

Dental Dentures Grand Prairie

Definition of Dental Dentures:

Some of us recognize dentures as false teeth as they are used to replace the missing natural teeth. Whether it’s dental issues or accident that has lead to the loss of teeth, dentures are one way to replace them. They are not permanent and must be put into the mouth each morning and removed every evening. The dental dentures are supposed to feel comfortable and look natural. Should you come across any discrepancy or face any discomfort, it’s time to see your dentist immediately.

Dentures are either full or partial. While full dentures take the place of all the teeth in your mouth, partial dentures take the place of only a portion of your teeth. Trust us to help you determine the best dentures that fit your needs and go well with your mouth, comfortably. Contact Affordable Dentist in Grand Prairie and be prepared to fall in love with your new look.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

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Unfortunately, dentures do not last a lifetime owing largely to natural wear and tear, accidental breakage and certain mouth changes. Our mouth tends to change its shape as we age, causing the dentures to not compliment the shape and trigger irritation to the gums making simple tasks such as chewing painful. However there is a solution, you can schedule regular visits to your dentists to prolong the life of your dentures and to make necessary corrections as soon as problems occur.

Can I Protect My Dentures from Accidental Breakage?

Taking care of dentures can be difficult and although breakage can happen, there are steps you can consider to keep them safe from damage.

Do not drop. Dropping dentures can cause breakage; therefore you would want to handle them with utmost care. Get hold of a towel, fold it up and create a soft surface when removing them each evening.

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Store them correctly. Always remember to soak your dentures in water or an approved solution when not being worn. It is not recommended be soaked them in hot water as it could cause your dentures to warp.

Regular Care. You should treat dentures like your natural teeth and brush them regularly to remove food and plaque and other stains.

Care for your mouth. Remember to brush your mouth (palate, gums, and tongue) each morning with a soft toothbrush. When your oral hygiene is in check, your dentures are healthy as well.