Natural Teeth Whitening Procedure: Does It Really Work?

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Are you confident in your smile? Are you camera-ready all the time? Or do you generally hold your grin and keep it to yourself instead?

We all strive for a perfect, healthy and dazzling white smile, but achieving them is harder. The foods and drinks come in contact with our teeth and as result will have an impact on the color of the teeth. While some leave behind a dark stain, other substances can be responsible for causing yellowing. Either way, they both hinder the mission of getting a dazzling set of pearly-whites.

So, how do you get white stainless teeth? A lot of us would argue that the best way is to go to the dentists for a professional teeth whitening procedure and only a handful would recommend a “natural teeth whitening process.” It’s a known fact that not many people are aware that they can get their teeth whitened through natural approaches, without the inclusion of chemicals. Also, going the natural way is convenient as you can try the solutions from the comfort of your house and because they are not accompanied by a lot of side effects, you can engage in them as many times as you desire.

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Natural teeth whitening procedure does have a downside, the favorable guide does not produce dazzling results the first time and repeated applications are required to get the satisfactory effect. Stains on teeth and yellowing are an ongoing battle, and conducting these natural whitening processes from time to time is always a good idea.

Affordable Dentist in Grand Prairie suggests that one of the most popular natural solutions is to add a pinch of Baking Soda on regular toothpaste while brushing one’s teeth. You can also make a more potent solution by mixing a pinch of soda with water until it forms a smooth paste. Then, apply the paste directly on a toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. Since baking soda is very abrasive in nature and can cause damage to the teeth enamel, keep in mind to use the solution only once a week.

Lemon juice with its natural bleaching properties can instantly brighten the teeth and make them appear white. You can also choose to rub the lemon peel directly across the teeth. However, since the citric acid can potentially weaken the enamel by depleting it of the high essential calcium, causing high sensitivity, it’s advisable to try this technique occasionally.

Although strawberries contain sugar and acid, which are highly damaging to the teeth, if used in the right manner can be effective, as far as teeth whitening is concerned. The abrasive seeds have to be removed, followed by grinding of the fruit into a paste which can be used as regular toothpaste. One must Brush the teeth normally with toothpaste after applying strawberry paste to see the change in color immediately.

Natural teeth whitening solutions can do wonders for your teeth, but it is also imperative to practice good dental hygiene to keep treatments at bay. Your teeth is not immune to stain and rupture, hence proper brushing and flossing on a daily basis is a must, along with other basic practices including rinsing mouth thoroughly after every meal and avoiding direct consumption of coffee, soft drinks that cause stains. Always use a straw instead.

Apply these practices every day and allow yourself to have a bright white smile.

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