Interesting Facts about Dental Implants That You Should Know

Dental Implant facts

While the modern dental industry is equipped with information on dental implants, the procedure actually dates back to 600 AD and into the days of the Mayan empire. Implants then were heavily made of seas shells, gold, silver and ivory which were hammered directly into the jaws of patients.

Let’s give a shout-out to contemporary dentistry that has made the procedure convenient for both dentists and patients. The treatment once regarded painful is an approved care for tooth loss and the best dental restoration option. Dental implants offer valuable benefits in terms of comfort, healthy, natural appearance that can stand the test of time.

All studies reveal that dental implants are one of the most demanded cosmetic treatments by patients to enhance their smile. The question however is: how much do you really know about dental implants? While the internet may have helped you get versed with the basic facts, but did you know that the treatments have the highest success rate of any tooth replacement solutions?

Here’s a look at some more fascinating facts about dental implants.

Smile that lasts a lifetime

Dental Implants facts

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Dental Implants, when compared to other tooth replacement solutions such as dentures, crowns, bridges that have a tendency to last anywhere between from 5 to 10 years, can last a lifetime provided proper care is maintained. Many studies suggest that they have over 98% success rates in offering you with all the function and look of natural teeth.

No cavities
The artificial restored implanted teeth are immune to civilities, allowing them to last for a longer period of time without signs of decay. However, it’s your responsibility to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly and care for your surrounding natural teeth and gums, along with routine professional cleanings and dental exams.

Built from the same material used by NASA
The material used to create dental implants is the same type of metal used by NASA in guide missiles, rockets and space shuttles. The titanium and titanium allow are typically lighter and stronger than steel ensuring that your implants are safe and secure for a lifetime.

Strong jawbone post-surgery
After the surgery, you can expect your jawbone to grow stronger. The titanium and its biological fusing content bond up the bone in the mouth and allow the jawbone to grow and strengthened.

Efficient chewing
You can also enjoy greater forces (bite forces up to 60 kgs) when eating your favorite foods, enabling more efficient chewing and improved function of your teeth.

Treatment suitable at any age
You can enjoy the benefits of dental implants at any age, whether you are 16 or 90, as long as your mouth is healthy.

Painless procedure
The treatment involves sedation, and most implants are placed delivering numbing shot of local anesthesia. If you suffer from dental phobia, anxiety, you may be provided with sedatives to facilitate smooth surgical routine. You may experience some mild vibration, but it’s never a cause for concern.

Expanding market
It’s estimated that dental implant market in the U.S. alone is projected to reach $6.4 billion 2018.

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