How to Make Your Child Ready For His/Her First Dental Visit

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Child With Dentist

A child’s life has several memorable milestones – the first steps, the first words, of course the first tooth and the first to the dentist.

Getting your child ready for the first dental visit can be challenging and daunting for both of you. It’s nerve wracking for you thinking how your child will react and feel during the appointment and they are nervous as it is an entirely new experience for them.

It’s recommended that all children between 6 months and a year of age should visit a pediatric dentist in order to grasp on how to care for those little champers from an early age. It’s also equally important to choose a dentist that specializes on pediatric dentistry.

When you make your child’s first trip to the dentist a positive one, you promote his/her dental health that will last for a lifetime. Here’s how to help prepare your child for his or her first dental visit.

Child Ready For First Dental Visit

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  • Prepare a list of any medical conditions your child has, including any medications to provide to the dentist.
  • Explain to your child about what is going to happen at the dentist’s office in an age-appropriate manner – you can invent a story and involve finger puppets or many colorful characters to characterize it.
  • Assure your child that you’ll be there in the room to hold his/her hands the whole time.
  • Brush your child’s teeth to establish proper dental habits and get him/her used to the feel of a toothbrush.
  • On the first appointment, make sure you introduce your child to the dentist and look through the tools that may be used during the procedure.
  • Get a favorite toy to help your child feel at ease at the office.
  • Allow the child to see and hear certain dental tools such as suction cup/ spitting cup and rotary toothbrush.
  • Always reward the child’s good behavior with a prize.

Your Responsibility as a Parent

Children Brushing

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You, as a parent should allow yourself to be a great role model by showing your child that oral care isn’t scary. Keep in mind that you brush and floss in front of your child and talk in excitement when you have an appointment with a dental professional. Do not ever talk about pain or discomfort, but emphasize on making them understand about how healthy, clean their teeth can be if good oral hygiene is maintained.

Make sure you take your child at a time of day when he/she is in a good mood. It’s suggested that setting up an appointment after nap time and with a full stomach is always a good idea. An empty stomach may bring more tantrums!

 Be Consistent

Make dental visits a priority, at least twice a year. This will allow your child feel comfortable with the dentist and understand what to expect, and very soon enough you’ll never have to worry about it.

If your child is ready for their first dental visit or you have more questions on how to prepare your child for first check up, feel free to talk to us. Affordable Dentist in Grand Prairie offers cleanings and exams for the whole family.

Contact us to schedule your baby’s first dental visit today!

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