Foods and Habits That Are Unfavorable For Your Teeth

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With a determination to keeping those pearly whites at their whitest and healthiest, you already understand the importance of brushing and flossing regularly, scheduling visits to dentist periodically and the aftermaths of smoking and chewing tobacco. It doesn’t end there!

In order to keep your teeth white and healthy, Dentists in Grand Prairie suggests that you should also be mindful of certain foods and beverages that can be unfavorable to your teeth.

Those intensely colored foods and beverages have the potential to stain your teeth. The more intense the color, the more potential it carries to satin your teeth. These colors are derived from chromogens, intensely pigmented molecules that have the habit of latching on to dental enamel. Acidic foods tend to be the biggest offenders, as they promote staining by eroding the dental enamel and softening the teeth temporarily making them vulnerable to chromogens.

Hard Candies:

Hard Candies

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Yes, eating hard candies brings no menace, but eating too many of them can be hazardous to your oral health. The constant exposure to sugar can not only put your teeth at risk but can also trigger dental emergency including broken and chipped tooth.





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This might come as a surprise but according to a research, many people consider ice extremely good for their teeth as it is made of water and contains no sugar or other additives. If you must rely on ice, understand that chewing any hard substance can contribute dental emergency and dental enamel. Next time, wait for the ice to melt and enjoy it in its liquid form.





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Do watch and limit on your citrus intake as frequent exposure to acidic foods can lead to erode enamel and tooth decay. Moreover, citrus fruits and juices can irritate mouth sores. Swap them with plenty of plain water instead.





Black Coffee and Black Tea:

Black Coffee

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Yes, coffee and tea are one of the best healthy beverages in their natural form. But people cannot just resist the temptation of adding sugar. Also, caffeinated coffee and can dry out your mouth. If spilling of the beverage can stain a white tablecloth, imagine the affect they have on your teeth. Should you must consume, ensure drinking plenty of water and keeping the add-ons to a minimum.



Sticky Foods:

Dried Fruits

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Again, many of us tend to eat a lot of dried fruits as healthy snacks. Since many dried fruits are sticky, they stay on the teeth longer than other types of food, causing damage to them over time. Advise: Rinse your mouth immediately after eating dried sticky dried fruits and brush and floss carefully.





Potato chips

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We’d be lying if we say we don’t love the nice satisfying crunch of potato chips. These mouth savoring chips are filled with starch which tends to get trapped in your teeth. If you can’t help move away for snacks like these, ensure taking extra care while flossing to remove all the food particles that can have the potential to plaque build-up.




Soft Drinks:

Soft Drink

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Sipping sugary drinks for long periods of time can lead to the formation of acids that attack your enamel. Caffeinated beverages can also dry out your mouth. If you must consume soft drinks, ensure drinking them alongside a cup of water.




Sports Drink:

Energy Drink

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Of course they sound healthy, but sugar is a top ingredient for sports and energy drinks. While you decide on the next sports drink, do check the label to make sure your drink of choice is low in sugar.








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