Exploring the Truth and Many Untruths of Teeth Whitening

Have you been considering getting your teeth whitened? If so, then you may have tried to get reference from your friends and loved ones on the right dental office to visit or scoured the internet in the quest to know more about the procedure. Upon getting answers, you may realize that some information is accurate based on actual experiences and some are just based on conjecture and misconceptions.

Today, we help debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding teeth whitening and highlight the aspects that are actually true.

It takes days to see any whitening results

Teeth Whitening

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While some teeth whitening products, especially over-the-counter home whitening kits usually take days to produce any visible results, this cannot deemed true with other methods. Today, most dental experts use professional laser whitening treatments that can lighten up to eight shades in just one hour and half hours. With the use of higher concentration of bleaching agent, along with a catalytic light source help accelerating the process. Depending on the condition of your teeth, the zoom laser whitening method can help achieve the whitening results in just one sitting, as opposed to take-home systems that do not.

Tooth whitening is ideal for everyone

It’s important to know that not all types of stains cab be eliminated by professional teeth whitening. While extrinsic stains caused by consumption of unfavorable foods and drinks can be removed, intrinsic stains cause by trauma or genetics are extremely difficult to be get rid of. The treatment are not ideal for some patients who have had prior restorative work, such as dental veneers or fillings done on their teeth as the materials used can react differently to the bleaching process. This can create uneven shades between your real and restored teeth that will look unsightly.

Changes in Your Post-Whitening Eating Habits Is Necessary

In order to have your pearly whites stay bright and radiant for longer, ensure you maintain a good cleaning regime and avoid or reduce foods and beverages that contribute to teeth discoloration. Additionally, stay away from drinks that are extremely hot or cold as extreme temperature changes can cause teeth expansion and contraction, which makes your teeth susceptible to picking up stains.

Dentist-dispensed kits produce better whitening effect than OTC products

Teeth Whitening Kit

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While the dentist-dispensed kits usually include a customized tray designed to meet your individual teeth structure, OTC whitening kits are pre-packaged with generic stock trays. All patients have different size and shape of teeth and this difference plays a vital role in serving their purpose. The dentist-dispensed kits also come with a stronger bleaching gel than OTC products, and produce a better whitening outcome.

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