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5 Measures to Take Care of Clear Aligners

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Clear aligners are used to restore teeth that have grown out of alignment with the teeth arch. They are customized trays designed after the impression of your mouth in order to treat your dental condition specifically and aims to return the misaligned teeth back to normalcy.

dental health Restore dental health with clear aligners
The advantage with clear aligners is that it can also be used to deploy medications and perform teeth whitening besides its primary purpose of correcting alignment. Being removable, they outperform braces which are used to treat a similar condition. However, where braces can treat extreme misalignments, aligners are used for the minor to moderate cases and require a multi-step program to treat the extreme cases.

1. Customized for your teeth
Your dental care professional can customize clear aligners for you. Customized aligners are modeled after your teeth impressions and aim to restore misaligned teeth to normalcy. Customized aligners can also be used to administer medications to your teeth and gums if required. This means, your aligners should always feel natural and comfortable. If it’s not so, it is recommended to get a replacement with the new specifications.
For extreme cases, aligners are redesigned and customized to treat your misaligned teeth at each step of the treatment depending on progress. Being affordable and removable, this is a better way to ensure that the appliance is clean.

2. Always use the accessories provided
It is important to keep your clear aligners free of contaminants. The best way to do ensure this is to use the accessories provided with your aligners as they are custom designed to keep them germ free and undamaged when not in use.

3. Aligners on the go
The advantage with using aligners is that it is removable and hence, portable. You should ensure that you carry the case provided in order to store it somewhere cool, clean and sterile. You should also carry cleaning materials if you’re travelling for a while with your aligners in order to keep them in ship shape.
Carrying spare aligners is also a recommended option as it can help you keep to your treatment in case your current set gets misplaced. If you’re in a multi-step treatment program, make sure you have aligners for the next stage as well as previous stages with you in order to use when required.

clear aligners4. Proper usage
You should always remember to remove your aligners before eating as it can stain them and even get stuck in there hampering your treatment. Staining is hard to remove and food particles can also damage your aligners. Applying and removing aligners from your teeth arch should always be done as directed by your dental care professional.

5. Controlling habits
To prevent your aligners from being stained and damaged, it is important to control certain habits like smoking, drinking beverages like coffee and soft drinks, as they can effectively damage your aligners. Besides water, you should have all other drinks and food with your aligners removed.

Using clear aligners for that perfect smile
Clear aligners are a one –stop solution to cosmetic dentistry where misaligned teeth are concerned. Braces are immaculately visible which ruins the aesthetic quality of your teeth. Clear aligners are seemingly invisible and thus helps maintain the brilliance of your smile without any impediment in treatment.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Benefit of Cosmic DentistryTeeth constitute most of the aesthetics related to your mouth. They are what define a good smile for impressing your peers and nailing that interview you spent months to prepare. It is essential that you enlist in cosmetic dentistry if you want to fix your smile and take care of the way your teeth look.

Is cosmetic dentistry for you?

Despite the existing prejudices, cosmetic dentistry applies to almost everyone. The treatments involved in the process of cosmetic dentistry also ensure that your teeth, not just your front which is most vital for aesthetics, are kept in good condition such that you experience minimal complications when it comes to cavities, decay, damage, and discoloration. It is also viable in preventing periodontal diseases before they occur. They are also viable treatments for misshapen gums and chipped teeth which can affect your smile extensively.

What are the various treatments available?various treatments for Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several kinds of cosmetic treatments that your dental care professional can recommend for your teeth.

  • Dental bonding is commonly used to repair minor damages in your teeth. This can be used to treat small fissures, cracks, and stains by placing a veneer over them. The veneers are usually made of porcelain that would fit perfectly over your affected tooth correcting their alignment, shape and color.
  • Tooth whitening is a popular treatment with several ways to perform at home as well. However, it is recommended to get it done professionally at the dentist’s for a more efficient result. Home whitening kits are also impossible to customize to your specifications resulting in more complications than originally anticipated.
  • Gum contouring is an effective mode of treatment that can fix a gummy smile or misshapen gums that interfere with proper teeth alignment. It is administered by removing gum tissue little by little till the required levels are reached.
  • Aligner trays can be prescribed to correct improper teeth alignments. These trays need to be customized with the condition of your teeth arches so that the affected teeth can be aligned properly.
  • You can also opt for more than one of the above treatments in order to achieve a full cosmetic overhaul for your teeth. It is recommended to follow through with your dental care professional regarding the matter.

    Making the most out of cosmetic dentistry

    With the demands of the modern professional world, it is important to keep up appearances and flash that beautiful smile.Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve that smile and also help keep your teeth and gums in shape. Opting for cosmetic dental treatments allows your dental care professional to monitor your oral health and recommend treatments where necessary. This also prevents the possibility of developing periodontal diseases on account of contaminant deposits, and helps protect teeth strength and durability. A good smile is necessary for a clean bill of health and a happy life.

    Exploring the Truth and Many Untruths of Teeth Whitening

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