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Right Crown for Dental Implant

Ultimate Guide: Choose the Right Crown for Your Dental Implant

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Ultimate Guide: Choose the Right Crown for Your Dental Implant
Damaged teeth can lead to serious problems if they are left untreated. The best course of action is to use dental implants with an artificial crown which will imitate your natural tooth in both functioning as well as in looks. It is a long term solution and might prove to be a little expensive initially.

Why Do We Need Dental Implants?Dental Implant
Typically, the hard, outer layer of the tooth, called the enamel, can wear away over time because of its strength and use. Your dental care professional will recommend dental implants to be made artificially and fused to the existing bone tissue underneath to restore it to normal functioning. The position of the affected tooth as well as the performance will guide you in choosing from two commonly used types of material for building your artificial crown.

Implants with Porcelain Crowns
Artificial crowns for Dental Implants can be made of porcelain entirely, or be fused with gold or any precious or noble metal to make it more durable.

  • Porcelain crowns look more like natural teeth.
  • They are used more often in building crowns for front teeth. This is because front teeth have little use in chewing and biting force – but their beautiful appearance can brighten up your smile.
  • Porcelain gets stained easily trying to imitate your natural tooth color and ensuring that it does not wear down too quickly.
  • These implants can last up to a decade. Since they are not very durable, they are often fused with a precious metal like gold or platinum.
  • There are implants with all resin and ceramic but where they are more durable than porcelain and porcelain fused with metal, they can wear down the surrounding teeth and do not look like their natural counterparts.

Implants with Metal CrownsDental Metal Crowns

  • As they cannot be easily seen, crown replacements for back teeth can be made from precious metals or normal metals.
  • Generally, gold or platinum is used to manufacture the crown while being alloyed with various other kinds of metal.
  • These metals don’t wear down the teeth themselves and so are perfect for the demanding functions of back teeth.
  • Common metal crowns are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable, and in most cases, it is permanent.
  • It is also the most cost effective solution for replacing back teeth. These crowns are not aesthetically sound and cannot replicate natural teeth. They are not a recommended option for front teeth because of this.

Make the Right Choice Of Dental Implants
It is not easy to choose the right dental implant for your damaged or decayed teeth. Your dental care professional will make a list of possible materials that can be used for your implants and would be appropriate for your situation. You look up and keep the pros and cons of each material in mind, and then make an informed decision. Your dental care professional can advise you on your best course of action.

Dental Bridge or Implants: Weighing Your Options

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Dental ImplantThere are several ways to incorporate tooth restoration procedures. You can be prescribed with dental bridges in case of improper alignments or complete overhauls using dental implants. It is important to know what kind of treatment to expect depending on your condition before going in for your appointment.

Why do your require dental bridges and implants

There are plenty of reasons why your dental care professional might prescribe dental restoration treatment.

  • Cavities are the most common causes why a dental restoration is recommended. Sometimes cavities cannot be treated simply by filling and root canal procedures.
  • On account of plaque and severe tartar deposits, your teeth can become damaged and broken. This can cause several complications and would require restorations in order to restore it to functioning condition.
  • Teeth are susceptible to shifting and sometimes lack of space on the jaw bone can result in crowding. Sometimes this can damage teeth by constantly grinding against each other. In order to prevent this, or to return crowded teeth back to proper alignment, restoration procedures are necessary.
  • Periodontal diseases can also result in bone loss and tooth decay which would require restoration using dental bridges and implants.

Some restoration techniques also require the use of bone grafting treatments if periodontal diseases have resulted in bone loss.

Dental bridges: Why and when do you need them?Dental Bridges

If a tooth is badly damaged and decayed, it needs to be extracted in order to prevent further complications. The dentist then can recommend a dental bridge in order to fill the gap with the missing tooth. A dental bridge is an artificial crown that the dentist will attach in support to the surrounding teeth. Over time this will start to feel like a natural tooth and also function as one. However, this is not possible if the surrounding teeth are in poor condition or damaged. It is recommended to consult your dental care professional before getting dental bridges and if it is suited for your dental condition. On the financial side, dental bridges are still affordable as compared to alternatives which may or may not include surgeries.

Dental Implants: What to expect when getting them?

Dental implants are becoming more popular in recent times as they are a more permanent solution to lost teeth. Dental implants are usually recommended for completely damaged teeth that can no longer perform the functions expected of them. Getting dental implants requires surgery and it is advisable to follow your doctor’s recommendation on the matter. An implant is a metal structure that mimics the root of a tooth and links with the jaw bone. It connects with an abutment which is the upper support where an artificial crown can be fixed. Artificial crowns can be of porcelain, ceramic, or fused with a precious metal such as gold. Dental implants feel more like the natural tooth you are used to. It also functions as a tooth should owing to a more complete structuring. However, due to its intricate build, and the fact that it requires surgery in order to place properly, dental implants are typically expensive. However most of the expense lies in fabrication of the implant and there are options available where you can alleviate expenses.

Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?

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Dental implants provide a more permanent solution to damaged teeth than most other methods. A complete artificial overhaul requires the new tooth to be merged with the bone in order to serve its purpose. For front teeth aesthetics play an important role as it will define the general appearance of the patient’s face. Most dental practitioners charge more for front teeth as they are expected to take extra care to maintain aesthetics. Dental restoration procedures have become more and more essential in recent years especially with growth in the number of diseases that are privy to plague our mouths. Practices like tooth support bridges are less expensive, but they don’t last as long as desired. Others are susceptible to gum problems with time and it’s a continuous expense.

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